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Enter the Dark Dimension

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Maid Cafe - Junkyard island.

A prison island exists within the North Pacific Ocean, housing the most dangerous criminals from across the globe, who have been given life-long sentences. This island functions as a waste management and recycling facility, with the prisoners engaged in various tasks. The island is controlled by multiple gangs, which adds to the instability among the inmate population. Attempts at escape via the coastline are futile due to strict surveillance from the sea.

From the outside, the island is controlled by powerful criminal organizations who use it as a base to disappear unwanted people. Victims are often kidnapped and taken to the island where they are held and tortured until they die. Authorities have been unable to effectively combat the activities on the island due to its remote location and the well-established networks of the criminal groups involved. That's why whoever is taken there will never come out alive again.

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