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Enter the Dark Dimension

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Maid Cafe - Kidnapping

...As the authorities cracked down on gangs and criminal organizations, one of the largest gangs in the city found themselves in hot water. They had been using local cafes to conduct their illegal drug trafficking and money laundering operations for years. With their survival on the line, the gang knew they had to act fast. They ordered their members to eliminate all evidence and witnesses in order to stay one step ahead of the authorities.

Desperate to protect themselves and their operation, the gang's leader issued a chilling order to his men: discreetly kidnap the girls working at the cafes and take them to the nearby dock, where they would be transported to the Junk island.

It was a ruthless move, but the gang knew they had to do whatever it takes to survive. As the city descended into chaos and violence, the fate of the girls hung in the balance, their lives now caught up in the dangerous world of organized crime...

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