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Enter the Dark Dimension

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Maid Cafe - Rape 01

... As the gang handed the girls over to the ship's crew, the girls were terrified, clinging to each other as they were led onto the pirate ship. They had no idea what fate awaited them, but they knew that it could be even worse than the horrors they had already endured.

The pirate crew was gruff and rough, with a coldness in their eyes that sent shivers down the girls' spines. They were not sailors, but smugglers who trafficked in illegal goods and people. They were known for their brutality and their willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done.

The gang had used the smugglers' services before when they needed to make someone disappear without a trace. And now, they were relying on them to take care of the girls, to ensure that they were never found and that no evidence of their existence remained...

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