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Enter the Dark Dimension

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As many of you probably know the gore, guro, and similar topics are highly sensitive and often restricted on many image sharing platforms due to their explicit or disturbing nature. Additionally, most communities and groups also prohibit the sharing of AI-generated images. So it's hard to build a community and to be present on the other communities.

For example, pixiv fanbox also banned my creator account, thus cutting off half of my incomes.

Maintaining the website and image server hosting incur monthly expenses, and generating a series of images demands a significant amount of time, especially due to the post-processing work in Photoshop. However, the donations I receive are not essential for my livelihood since I have a stable income as an Unreal Engine game developer, and I also have other sources of income. Generating images consumes a significant amount of my time, and it also monopolizes my computer, preventing me from multitasking. In order for me to running this site in the long run, it needs to generate a comparable income to my other freelance works.

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